May 22, 2009 Message of the Week

“Standing On This Highway”
By Bob Fuhrman

This week’s message is a song I wrote in 1973 and 1974:

“Standing On This Highway”

I recorded this music with my friend Dale Auten in the basement of his home. He is a long time friend as we were both commercial airline captains flying with the same airlines during our careers. We are just two non-professional musicians who enjoy playing guitars together. And, with some good musical instruments, amps, and in a very basic recording environment we were able, with God’s grace to record this song. Dale and I both first flew with Eastern Airlines as co-pilots and then spent approximately fifteen years flying as captains with Airborne Express in Wilmington, Ohio.

“Standing On This Highway” is a song about looking for and finding personal purpose and direction in life.
When you as a person  you will discover that through faith in God’s Son Jesus Christ you will have an eternal future. Read the Book of Hebrews Chapter 11. I know this is true in my life but, it was a hard lesson for me to have learned in God’s discipline.

This song, “Standing On This Highway”, at Message of Truth, at this time and date, May 22, 2009, is for the Families of Eastern Airlines, the Families of Airborne Express, and the many good people in Wilmington, Ohio who taught me so much. They became the best of friends of mine!

There are hard economic times in Wilmington, Ohio today! These people were so good to me when I and my family were really experiencing some very difficult times. We held onto the rudder of Christ and He guided us through the storm that was financially and occupationally in my life at that time. It is my prayer for the Families of Wilmington, Ohio that God will see them through to a new and prosperous time in their lives. As He did for me as I prayed in August 1991. I prayed to God for my family, in my faith in Jesus Christ, “Lord if you want me defeated I can be defeated, But, Lord I will not quit!  I have 600.00 dollars left and when I am down to two tanks of gas and a price of a meal I will be defeated and I am going back home . But until then I will not quit! I am not starting over but I am starting a new beginning. The people I meet tomorrow will be my new friends immediately”! I prayed this prayer the evening before I started my first day at work as a pilot for Airborne Express at the L&K Motel located in an Ohio wheat field in Wilmington, Ohio. I did not quit!!!!

—- And by God’s good will and grace I was given the opportunity and succeeded in becoming the junior Captain at Airborne Express within 5 days on the Nippon YS-11. My very experienced aviation career was reestablished immediately. I completed Airborne’s captain training program over the next two months in October of 1991 and my family prospered. Lord Jesus please let this be the same for the Families of Wilmington, Ohio as they go through this time of trial.

Don’t miss God’s Grace and Eternal Life as you are Standing On This Highway,
Ask Jesus Christ Into Your Life

Bob Fuhrman

Listen to ‘Standing on this Highway:

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