February 19, 2009 Message of the Week


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Many years ago in nineteen hundred and seventy four I gave my public profession of faith for the Lord Jesus Christ. I did this after hearing Reverend Ken Poure, a minister and evangelist preach that “Jesus Christ was his best friend”. Al Stanley, who I first met that day, Al is today a very good friend of mine in the fellowship of Christ, had picked me up early in the morning to take me to the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. We went there to hear Ken Poure speak at a men’s conference. I was impressed with Ken Poure’s matter of fact witness for Christ; and in his outward happiness that he conveyed in his love for Him. I on the other hand wanted this assurance. (Hebrews 11:1-3)

I was in need of God’s forgiveness at this time and place in my life. It was evident to me that I needed to confess my sin before Him. I asked God in my thoughts, if He would forgive me of my sin, to show me that He was real, to allow me to know happiness through His Presence; I would tell others about Him. Sin simply means to miss the mark. I was not perfect nor would I ever be here in this life on earth. But I could learn to live my life His Way. So, I stood up before the people in this church and asked Jesus Christ into my life. God began to answer my prayers through His timing and purpose. I was lead within this day to find, by God’s Guidance, Psalm 51. I just opened my bible to these pages and read. Then I asked God to allow me to a read this Psalm to Him aloud as if these words had never been said before, to allow me to make these words my prayer to Him. I have been telling other people about Him one on one since that time. I have grown in these many years through His fellowship with me and me with Him. This walk is the most rewarding experience any person can ever know in his or her life. Sometimes it is not easy but we have the Holy Spirit to Guide us if we are willing to listen and learn. ( Romans Chapters 7 and 8 )

In this time and place, in the year of two thousand and nine, I have lived a life that I have enjoyed in my fellowship with Jesus; His happiness has been manifest in my life. (John 3:21)

I have experienced His fellowship and the simplicity of His presence while fully realizing His magnificence. It is my hope that you will find the Love of God in your life as I have known for so many years. Ask Jesus Christ into you life. Then confess before Him your need for the forgiveness of the sin in your life. God’s promise is to forgive you by His grace and to give you eternal life with this contrition of your heart. Then read His Word in the bible, find a bible believing and teaching church, enjoy the fellowship of others who are like you, and just enjoy the simplicity of His Presence. I am very blessed to just personally witness Jesus Christ with this web-site “Message of Truth”. God has given me this opportunity by His Providence to witness Him in this place and time.

Sincerely, Bob Fuhrman
1 Corinthians 2:11-16
February 19, 2009

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