August 3, 2009 Message of the Week

“God Loves Baseball”
By: Bob Fuhrman Copyright August 3, 2009

I heard this a long time ago and I found it to be of humor and focused in the reality of life. “God Loves Baseball” after all the first three words of the bible in the book of Genesis are “In the Beginning”. Being focused and in the reality of life are we not all in “The Big Inning”?

So what is your game plan? We all need to ask this question being on the playing field of life. Ask Jesus Christ Into Your Life during this inning and you will have a great manager.

I hope you enjoy this short message of the week and find some humor to brighten your day. Also, as a reminder you can listen to the song “The Fabric of Time” on the home page. This song is available free mp3 and pdf. If you are lead you can make a copy and read the lyrics of this song to your children. This is why I wrote “The Fabric of Time” in remembrance of Grady Hawkins and his advice to me on the home page of this website.

Enjoy your day,

Bob Fuhrman

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